Branded Content

Authenticity with no holds barred.

Think storytelling meets video production meets inspiration meets meticulous copywriting. Branded content offers an organic and authentic way to engage with your audience without being too pushy on the advertising end. Be the glue that binds their eyes to the screen and get them inspired. Branded content is a good way to associate your brand with stories that incorporate your ideals and values in to real-world stories. When consumers watch branded content, their brand-recall is 59% higher than with display ads. Those same viewers are also 14% more likely to seek out more content from the same brand. With this approach to content marketing, your target audience attaches to your brand because that video you funded put a face to your company’s name. De-corporatize your corporation.


Brand fanatics are born from branded content. People latch onto the stories told from companies that put their money toward branded content and the stories that need to be told. It’s an authentic approach to inspiring your customer base. Customers like branded content because they believe the content is consumer-focused. Dive deeper into branded content here

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