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You’re either part of the solution, or you’re part of the problem.

The Problem

Stanley was lacking the ability to drive promotion for some of their newer and more experimental products. They didn’t have access to many photographers and videographers that were willing to shoot their product in action in the environment said products were designed for, so we were called upon to help them promote their brand.

Our Solution

Photos and videos created by us have continually been used for social media promotions as well as on the Stanley-PMI website. They were able to utilize our videos and photos to promote new products and have high engagement on various marketing campaigns on their social media channels.


Seattle, Washington

They Wanted

  • Photography


Stanley is an environmentally conscious brand developed over 100 years ago; focused on keeping people fueled while outdoors. Stanley is a lifestyle product company that makes thermoses, coolers, coffee-making devices and anything you may use on a camping trip. Our work for them needed to be consistent with the brand and have a layer of authenticity of to it. Taking the time to set up shoots on actual camp trips, ski outings, and hikes. Their product is easily incorporated in what we already do.

Years in Business

Built to last. Stanley PMI has been going strong for 106 years, providing durable products for those that spend time outside and demand quality.

Years Working Together

For the past 6 years, we have worked with Stanley to provide captivating imagery for their marketing efforts. Our imagery has been used in campaigns worldwide.

Post Consumer Content

In 2006, Stanley was the first company to produce food-safe reusable food and beverage containers made with recycled and post-consumer recycled plastics.