If your dog won't eat it, we will.

People teach their dogs to sit; it's a trick. I've been sitting my whole life, and a dog has never looked at me as though he thought I was tricky.

Mitch HedbergComedian

You’re either part of the solution, or you’re part of the problem.

The Problem

RAW WILD came to us for answers to their e-commerce problems. They were working with a big agency, spending a lot of money, and not getting results.

Our Solution

We analyzed RAW WILD’s traffic, conversion rate, and marketing strategy. We realized that organic traffic was 6 times more likely to buy vs. paid search. We also noticed that the big agency they were working with didn’t have any idea how to grow an e-commerce business. They primarily relied on paid search for their marketing strategy, however they did nothing for on-site conversion rate optimization. In fact, the website was nearly impossible to check out on, making it impossible to grow sales. 

Once we gained RAW WILD’s trust we did a full website rebrand and build it for conversion rate optimization. We started with keyword research for SEO optimization. We implemented reviews, a recurring order application, and an optimized their site for email acquisition so we could re-market to interested buyers. Essentially we became their interim CMO and execute everything from email marketing, affiliate marketing, retargeting, paid search and SEO.


Park City, UT

They Wanted

  • E-Commerce Management
  • Web Development
  • Video Production
  • Branding
  • Strategy
  • SEO


We started with a full brand and e-commerce strategy + website overhaul. This gave us a strong base to now push this revamped product to the right markets. We focused on ensuring that RAW WILD would be getting in front of the crowd that had the ears to listen. Spend strategically up front, and business will make its way to you.

Wild Game

RAW WILD Raw Dog Food is made up of 100% raw elk and deer meat from the Rocky Mountain West. Healthy food makes for healthy pups. A good brand with an honest mission.

Increase in Sales

Over the course of a year, after taking the reins as the interim CMO for RAW WILD, they saw a drastic boost in sales thanks to some of our marketing tactics.

Miles from Soul Force One

With RAW WILD being headquartered in Park City, Utah, we have loved working closely with a regional brand with serious potential.